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Advanced mass spectrometers and their uses for the analysis of protein post-translational modifications

Thursday 15 March 2012, 2.30PM

Speaker(s): Professor Peter O'Connor, University of Warwick

Modern mass spectrometers have become widely used for detailed analysis of biomolecules, but their performance and utility is still underappreciated by the wider bio/chemical community. The goal of our research is to both improve the performance of these instruments in terms of resolution/sensitivity/accuracy, etc, and also to increase the breadth and depth of biomedical collaborations which take full advantage of that improved performance. This presentation will discuss some of the more interesting instrumentation developments currently ongoing at Warwick, and show how they are useful for the study of deamidation of proteins such as amyloid fibrils and collagen, study of binding of metallo-drugs to proteins, and glycation.

This seminar will include the awarding of the Bruker Poster Competition prizes and a brief introduction from Dr Andrew Gibbs from Bruker on collaboration with York and Warwick.

Location: C/A101