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What has mass spectrometry ever done for Drug discovery and Development?

Wednesday 16 March 2011, 3.00PM

Speaker(s): Professor Frank Pullen, University of Greenwich

Having been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for over 37 years and for most of that time involved in analytical and more specifically mass spectrometry support for drug discovery. Thirty plus years ago the technique was only used as the last resort in structural elucidation, but now it plays a pivotal role across all the key areas within in drug discovery and in fact the whole of the Drug R&D process. I will attempt to describe how and why this amazing change occurred, and also I give you an insight into some of the fascinating applications, where mass spectrometry is the only analytical technique capable of providing the information necessary to ensure project progression. Hopefully there will be something in this talk to interest all analytical scientists and anyone working in pharmaceutical analysis and medicinal chemistry.

Frank has been awarded the BMSS lectureship for 2010-2011. This is his tenth lecture of a 15 lecture series tour!!

Location: C/A101