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Illuminating Chemistry: From fireflies to the stars

Thursday 26 November 2015, 7.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Annie Hodgson, Department of Chemistry

Part of the "Illuminating Science" series of public lectures.

In this, the International Year of Light, we glimpse the crucial role of light in the sciences through the eyes of a biologist, a physicist and a chemist.  These talks are ‘family friendly’ and primarily intended for anyone aged 15 or over.

How do we know what distant stars are made of? How does a firefly glow? Why can we see fireworks in the dark? How might we make materials in the future? The answer to all these questions, “chemistry and light”, will be explored in this demonstration lecture.

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Location: C/A/101 lecture theatre, Department of Chemistry, University of York

Admission: Free, no ticket required