The Department of Chemistry is committed to supporting staff and students who identify as LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, +) and creating an inclusive community where everyone can thrive. We are actively working to ensure LGBT+ staff and students feel comfortable and safe in the Department.

For example, guidance on the use of Personal Gender Pronouns (PGPs) was recently shared across the Department to inform staff and students on what PGPs are and how to use them: Personal Gender Pronouns (PDF , 462kb)

There is also an online anonymous suggestion box for staff - (there is a physical suggestion box located outside Room K167 for YSBL staff), to comment or make suggestions on how the Department can better support its LGBT+ staff and students. 

Sources of information


The Equality and Diversity Group welcomed the positive results of a survey carried out among LGBT+ students about their experience of studying in the Department. Following on from this survey, and the Departmental Culture Survey carried out in 2016, possibilities for improving support and representation for LGBT+ students are being investigated by the working group.

If any students and/or staff in the Department have concerns specifically relating to LGBT+ issues, including personal difficulties, or any experiences of homophobia and/or transphobia, they can approach any of the following senior staff members, who either as LGBT+ individuals or allies, are happy to discuss any problems and take action where appropriate: Professor Duncan Bruce, Professor Kevin Cowtan, Dr Leonie Jones, Professor Peter O'Brien, Professor David Smith, Professor Jane Thomas-Oates, Professor Paul Walton and Dr Derek Wann