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Whinfield Medals

Whinfield Medals each with a sum of £150 are awarded to:

  • The best overall performance by a BSc candidate (subject to this being a first class) at the end of Year 3
  • The best overall performance by an MChem student on completion of the MChem course at the end of Year 4

Past Winners

1998 Moire O'Sullivan
1999 Vicky A Dunn
2000 Benjamin J Watson
2001 Paul I P Elliott
2002 Kirsty J Sawicka (MChem), Jenny C Campbell (BSc)
2003 Gareth Richings (MChem), James Riley (Mchem), Paul Abthorpe (BSc)
2004 Jason P Holland (MChem), Helen M McDonald (BSc), Robert S Watkins (BSc)
2005 Beth M Foster (MChem), Sarah E Dobson (BSc)
2006 Thomas Stecher (MChem), Caroline Murphy (BSc)
2007 Franziska Bell (MChem), Edward Davis (BSc)
2008 Wenjing Meng (MChem), Elizabeth Watkins (BSc)
2009 Aimee Taylor (MChem), Sarah Chapman (BSc)
2010 Hiu Tung Kwan (MChem), Lewis Moore (BSc)
2011 Mary Wood (MChem), Andrew Pring (BSc)
2012 Paul Bond (MChem), Katie Lee (BSc)
2013 Nicholas Taylor (MChem), Chi Nguyen (BSc)
2014 Aimee Clarke (MChem), Victoria Peck (BSc)
photo of Whinfield Medal