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Margaret Bishop Prize

The Margaret Bishop Prize is awarded to the best MChem in York project.

Before 2012 the Margaret Bishop Prize of £150 was awarded at the end of Year 3 on the basis of final marks from Year 2 and Year 3 assessments, irrespective of BSc or MChem registration (but subject to a first or upper second class standard), for the best performance including EA, NR, AC optional modules.

Past Winners

1997 Martin Nash
1998 Liv Hansen
1999 Sushilla Z Knottenbelt
2000 Matthew D Patey
2001 Michael J Dearden
2002 Anthony Wright
2003 Deborah Last
2004 Thomas J Farmer
2005 Thomas P Wells
2006 Harriet Naylor
2007 Richard Lees
2008 Catherine Rushworth
2009 Harry Milner
2010 Sina Hackenberg
2011 Rebecca Moylett
2012 Jonathan Booth
2013 Rebecca Ingle
2014 Oliver Bayfield and Richard Spears

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