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Astra-Zeneca Prizes

Two prizes of £100 each will be awarded:

  1. To the student with the best performance on the written examination, including option papers during Year 2
  2. To the student with the best performance on Year 2 Core Practical

If however the same student satisfies both criteria, then the student who gains the second highest Year 2 Core Practical marks will be selected for the prize under category 2.

Past Winners

2003 Suzanne Davies and Rio Boatman
2004 Charlotte Fieldhouse and Dorothy Elwes
2005 Franziska Bell and Daniel Welsh
2006 Duncan Southby and Wenjing Meng
2007 Aimee Taylor and Tomas Branson
2008 Hiu Ting Kwan and Charmaine Nathaniel
2009 Mary Wood and Helen Robinson
2010  Paul Bond and Lucy Milner
2011 Nicholas Taylor and Joseph Poole
2012 Edward Matthews and Aimee Clarke
2013 Amy Scorah and Laura Hay
2014 Tom Sheridan and Patrick Deneny

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