The comparative effectiveness of pharmaceuticals licensed without a randomised controlled trial i.e. what can you do when you have a single arm trial?

Thursday 13 July 2017, 12.15PM to 1.15pm

Speaker: Dr Anthony Hatswell, Principal Consultant at BresMed, Sheffield

Abstract/Summary: Pharmaceuticals are most commonly licensed in randomised controlled trials against placebo or active comparators. On occasion however, drugs are approved without a comparative trial being available. This talk will discuss the circumstances and ethics around such approvals, present work on the number of treatments licensed over the past 15 years under such circumstances, and how their comparative efficacy has been modelled. Following this, there will be a discussion of other techniques and ongoing work that could be used to estimate efficacy based on historical controls and other methods, including propensity scoring, matching adjusted indirect comparisons, and novel techniques.

Location: ARRC Auditorium A/RC/014

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