Economics of safety in healthcare: a case study in medicines-taking

Thursday 13 September 2018, 2.00PM3.15pm

Speaker(s): Rachel Elliott, Professor of Health Economics, Manchester Centre for Health Economics, Deputy Director, Manchester Clinical Trials Unit

Abstract: Most health systems are attempting to improve patient safety. Experience in other sectors suggest that investing in preventing harm can create value in the longer term. Medication errors are considered an important cause of avoidable morbidity and mortality. This seminar uses medication errors as a case study to 1) examine challenges around quantifying the economic impact of preventable harm, 2) societal valuation of burden from harm that is preventable, 3) linking process indicators like medication errors to actual harm and associated cost, and 4) evaluating interventions designed to reduce medication errors and challenges with moving beyond the use of process indicators such as error rates.

Location: ARRC Auditorium A/RC/014

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