The longest-lasting, most popular, and yet most thoroughly discredited idea in the history of modern public policy: cost-effectiveness analysis

Thursday 10 May 2018, 2.00PM to 3.15pm

Speaker: Jeremy Addison Lauer, World Health Organization

Abstract: Jeremy will offer an account of cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) that will be of interest to non-specialists as well as to experts. He identifies CEA’s connections to the broader sphere of social choice and enumerates the principal reasons explaining its appeal and durability in priority setting in health. Jeremy will review the foundations of CEA and clarify several points of confusion. He articulates an account of generalized CEA (e.g. WHO-CHOICE) that differs from, and is more liberal than, the standard version. Along the way, Jeremy will reconcile some long-standing disputes between generalized CEA and traditional CEA, and explain the source of perennial controversies surrounding threshold-based rules in decision-making. Finally, he links in a novel way the theory of CEA to real-world decision making.

Location: Alcuin A Block A019/20

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