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Global health financing

An important area in global health economics is how to best pay for care.

Researchers at CHE use economic theory and applied econometrics to inform various financing-focused projects. In global health, movements towards universal health coverage and the provision of financial risk protection have made this a very salient area of research.

CHE researchers are engaged in work to understand:

  • the efficiency of expenditure for health, or how to measure and inform decision-making using this information
  • how contracts and incentives factor into health care provision
  • the issues that involve coordination and alignment of donor financing in low income countries

The outcomes of changes in financing for health is also partially being considered under the policy impact evaluation theme, and CHE is developing work looking at the evaluation of Sector Wide Approaches for Health (SWAPs) and Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI).

Research staff involved: Marc Suhrcke (Global Health team).