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Economic evaluation in health care: merging theory with practice

To accompany the hugely successful Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes, this book is a thorough and rigorous discussion of the methodological principles and recent advances in the rapidly advancing field of theory and practice of economic evaluation in health care.

Written by an internationally acclaimed group of authors, the book provides an in-depth discussion of the latest theoretical advances and gives comprehensive reviews of the available literature.

The book covers the main areas of economic evaluation, including the methods for measuring costs and outcomes, the collection of data alongside clinical studies, ways of handiling uncertainty, discounting and issues relating to the transferability of economic data.

It is an ideal book for those studying economic evaluation on post-graduate or professional courses in health economics or public health.


  • McGuire: Theoretical concepts in the economic evaluation of health care
  • Tsuchiya & Williams: Welfare economics and economic evaluation
  • Dolan: Output measures and valuation in health
  • Brower, Rutten & Koopmanschap: Costing in economic evaluation
  • Schulper: The role and estimation of productivity costs in economic evaluation
  • Glick, Polsky & Schulman: Trial-based economic evaluations: an overview of design and analysis
  • Kuntz & Weinstein: Modelling in economic evaluation
  • Briggs: Handling uncertainty in economic evaluation
  • Heyse, Cook & Carides: Statistical considerations in analyzing health care resource utilisation and cost data
  • Cairns: Discounting in economic evaluation
  • Drummond & Pang: Transferability of economic evaluation results

Economic Evaluation in Health Care: Merging Theory with Practice

Economic evaluation in health care: merging theory with practice

  • Editors:
    Michael Drummond
    Alistair McGuire
  • Publisher:
    Oxford University Press
  • Year:

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