During recent months CHE staff have presented at, held or attended research meetings at national and international events.
These are some of the details:

May 2019

Noemi Kreif presenting at HEHTA Glasgow

Noemi Kreif presented a seminar about Using machine learning in policy evaluation at HEHTA Glasgow on 14 May.

Rodrigo Moreno Serra at War and Peace Project Meeting

Between 14-22 May, Rodrigo Moreno-Serra visited Colombia to hold meetings for the 'War & Peace' project. In Bogota, these included a meeting with Ministry of Health officials about the next steps planned for the project, as well as supporting qualitative interviews with representatives of Doctors Without Borders and the International Organization for Migration. In Villavicencio, he met with the local secretary of health and other representatives of the local government to present results of the health survey which was conducted in the Meta province and to gather input for the second phase of the survey.

Francesco Romponi presented 'Costs, consequences and choices: Economic evaluation of alcohol interventions' at the University of York Research Staff Conference held on 16 May.

Mark Sculpher attended the ISPOR meeting in New Orleans 18-22 May and participated in an Issues Panel entitled ‘Beyond cost-effectiveness analysis: How can we make global value assessments more flexible and comprehensive?‌‌

Improving quality of care in Europe (IQCE)

Laurie Rachet Jacquet, Luis Fernandes, Martin Chalkley and Nils Gutacker attended the annual meeting of the European Training Network in ‘Improving quality of care in Europe’ (IQCE) on 28-29 May. 
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie grant agreement No 721402.EU emblem ‌ ‌

April 2019

Paul Revill attended and gave 2 talks at the UNAIDS Global Consultation on the Sustainability of the AIDS Response results 8-10 April, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Nelson Teich IX Oncoguia National Forum in Brasília 

Nelson Teich attended the IX Oncoguia National Forum in Brasília, Brazil 16-17 April 2019. He sat on various panel discussions and gave the lecutre entitled 'For a sustainable, accessible and fair oncology: Proposals and priorities.  

MPC meeting

Adriana Castelli, Martin Chalkley, James Gaughan and Idaira Rodriguez Santana hosted two governmental officials from the Malaysian Productivity and Competitiveness Corporation (MPC) 30 April - 1 May, during which time they held a workshop of healthcare system productivity and discussed potential future collaborations. Rodrigo Moreno-Serra joined them on the second day of the visit.

March 2019

Nils Gutacker presented work on 'hospital pay-for-performance schemes' at the University of Melbourne on 1 March, the Macquarie University on 5 March and NHS England on 27 March. He also presented work on the 'effect of dispending rights in primary care' at City University on 13 March. 

Francesco Longo attended a 1-day workshop in Birmingham entitled 'How can economic evidence be used to inform resource allocation decisions in social care?' on 5 March. He also gave a brief presentation 'Integrated personal commissioning: final reporting' at the Integrated Care Policy Evaluation Reference Group (ICPERG) meeting in London on 28 March.

Paul Revill at Commonwealth Secretariat in London (2)

Paul Revill attended a consultation on Universal Health Care at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.  

Wiktoria Tafesse gave a conference presentation, with Martin Chalkley attending as a co-author/participant, at the Centre for the Study of African Economies Conference 2019, Economic Development in Africa on 17-19 March in Oxford.  

Susan Griffin gave a talk at the Opportunities for Securing our Future Health, Centre for Future Health and University of York Research Impact Conference, on 22 March. Her talk was entitled 'Determining how policies change health inequality to inform funding decisions.  

Rowena Jacobs presenting in Venice

Helen Weatherly participated in the Fourteenth Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry held in Venice 29-31 March. She presented a paper entitled 'Investigating the economic case of a service to support carers of people with dementia'. Also at the same Workshop Rowena Jacobs presented a paper on 'The cost and quality of mental healthcare provision and the value of service quality in the English NHS'. The paper was joint with co-authors María José AragónAdriana Castelli, Maria Goddard, Hugh GravelleNils Gutacker and Anne Mason, from CHE, as well as colleagues from the Universities of Sheffield and Birmingham. She was also co-author on two other papers presented at the Workshop, one paper on 'Obtaining a measure of quality of NHS care in mental health services in the UK by linking HoNOS and ReQoL-10' joint with Anju Keetharuth and Donna Rowen (Sheffield); and 'Examining equity in the utilisation of psychiatric inpatient care among patients with severe mental illness in Ontario, Canada' joint with Claire de Oliveira and Joyce Cheng (Toronto). 

February 2019

Nils Gutacker presented the seminar ‘Financial incentives and prescribing behaviour in primary care’ at the University of Manchester on 18 February and again at Monash University, Australia on 25 February.

James Love-Koh and Susan Griffin presented at the NICE Technical Forum, at NICE in Manchester 21 February on 'Providing information about the health inequality impact of public health recommendations'. Susan also presented at the NICE Health Economists in Guidelines meeting at NICE in Manchester 25 February on 'Kinked thresholds' and also presented during, and took part in a question and answer session for an ISPOR Scientific Summit Webinar on 28 February entitled 'Novel approaches to value assessment, within the cost-effectiveness framework'.

Sumit Mazumdar at New Delhi 2019

Sumit MazumdarRodrigo Moreno-Serra and Marc Suhrcke attended a high-level consultative meeting on the Health System Financing Policy Agenda in India, in New Delhi, February 27-28. Organised by CHE in collaboration with leading health economics researchers from India, and key policy-makers across Indian provinces. Approximately 30 participants attended the meeting, which witnessed 20 speakers presenting their views and perspectives on the key research challenges and issues on health financing in India. The meeting was inaugurated by Dr Indu Bhushan, CEO, of National Health Agency, Govt, of India and several other key officials attended from different Indian states including Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh. 

Rodrigo Moreno Serra at New Delhi Meeting 2019

Helen Weatherly gave an invited presentation at the University of Warwick entitled 'Economic evaluation methods applied to social (long term) care interventions: where are we now? on 28 February. 

January 2019

CHE hosted The Health Economists' Study Group winter 2019 meeting from 7-9 January 2019. Read more...

Richard Cookson and Nils Gutacker went to Tromsø, Norway 14 - 17 January, to take part in the inaugural meeting of the ‘Tracing causes of inequalities in health and well-being’ project, which is led by Professor Jan Abel Olsen, Arctic University of Tromsø. Nils also gave a seminar entitled 'Program evaluation and decision-analytical modelling: The English hip fracture P4P scheme’ at the University of Nottingham on 31 January.

CHE staff attended the Thanzi la Onse (TLO) International Conference in Malawi from 29 -31 January. The three-day event reunited key TLO collaborators across the UK and East Africa, as well as policy-makers and other researchers. Read more...

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