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During recent months CHE staff have presented at, held or attended research meetings at national and international events.
These are some of the details:

July 2020

The following abstracts have been accepted at the EuHEA conference which was due to take place 7 - 10 July. 'Does public adult social care expenditure improve care-related quality of life in England?' by Francesco Longo, Karl Claxton, James Lomas and Steve Martin. 'Evaluation of an integrated care service in England: the Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) intervention' by Francesco Longo, Helen Weatherly and Rita Faria. Although the conference has been cancelled due to Covid-19, the abstracts will still be published on the EuHEA website.

June 2020

Laurie Rachet Jacquet gave a zoom presentation of her second chapter entitled 'The impact of surgeons' days out of practice on patient health outcomes' at the 2020 ASHEcon conference on 8 June.
Georgios Nikolaidis presented 'Borrowing strength from indirect evidence in HTA' in the Career Young Statisticians Session, at the Promoting Statistical Insight (PSI) conference webinar on 9 June.   
Rowena Jacobs gave a presentation on 'Funding for mental health services in England' to the Peruvian Minister of Finance on 29 June. 
Mark Sculpher delivered a talk entitled ‘How do we assess the value of cancer drug optimization?’ at the First International Summit on Interventional Pharmacoeconomics, run by the University of Chicago, June 29- July 1.

May 2020

Noemi Kreif presented a virtual seminar entitled 'Who benefits from public health insurance in Indonesia? A machine learning approach to estimate treatment effect heterogeneity', as part of the Essen Health Economics Seminar program on 4 May.

The live Virtual ISPOR 2020 conference was held 18-20 May, and convened more than 1300 attendees from 54 countries representing all sectors of healthcare. Mark Sculpher made two presentations. ‘Identifying and evidence the value of novel antibiotics: Are health outcomes enough?' to the Economic Evaluation of New Antibiotics: Health Still the Focus, Issues Panel and ‘Tailoring opportunity costs to state budgets and cost-effectiveness thresholds: How to broaden the impact of value assessment in the U.S. with state and commercial payers’ to the Introduction and Context, Workshop Panel. Susan Griffin discussed 'Distributional cost effectiveness analysis' at the Plenary on Capturing patient and societal values in value assessment frameworks. Dina Jankovic presented the workshop entitled 'Reducing decision uncertainty - a framework to combine structured expert elicitation and value of information (VOI) analyses', presented with Naomi van Hest (Costello Medical) and Lotte Steuten (Office for Health Economics).

Anne Mason spoke on ‘Incentives to tackle underdiagnosis in dementia & the tale of the elusive data’ at the Centre for Health Economics at Warwick (CHEW) seminar, University of Warwick on 21 May. 

Rowena Jacobs gave a presentation on 'Funding for mental health services in England' to the Peruvian Ministry of Health, Peruvian Economics Ministry and General Director of Mental Health on 21 May.

Together with Martin Knapp, Michela Tinelli, Annette Bauer and Ben Schlaepfer from LSE, Helen Weatherly participated in a Webinar focusing on the economics of social care as part of the NIHR SSCR Webinar Series: Economics, 26 May.

April 2020

The GHE2 project team held a webinar on their forthcoming research paper: Unintended consequences of DRG payment in Indonesia, on 21 April. Maria Jose Aragon and our colleague from the Center for Health Economics & Policy (Universitas Indonesia) - Royasia Viki Ramadani - presented, and Martin Chalkley chaired the session. The webinar was held with the full GHE2 project team. 

March 2020

James and Ana in Brazil

James Love-Koh and Ana Duarte led a short course entitled 'Economic evaluation and decision modelling for health'. In Brazil with GHE2 project partners at the University of Sao Paulo on 3-5 March. More details here.  

Rodrigo in Bogota

On 5 March Rodrigo Moreno Serra participated in a full-day workshop organised by our Colombian partners in Bogota' to disseminate and discuss the emerging results of our MRC/ESRC/DFID/Wellcome HSRI War & Peace project. The workshop involved the secretaries of health of most Colombian provinces, high-level officials of the Colombian Ministry of Health, the Colombian Armed Forces and the FARC political party, in addition to stakeholders from academic and non-governmental organisations. 

February 2020

Mark Sculpher gave a plenary presentation entitled ‘The use of QALYs in economic assessment: Still the best measure of health available?. At the inaugural EuroQol African Regional Meeting in Cape Town, 13-14 February. He also participated in a public lecture at the University of Cape Town, The role of economic evaluation in universal health coverage. His lecture was entitled ‘Maximising the policy relevance of economic evaluation: Recent methods advances and remaining challenges.

On 27 February, Jessica Ochalek presented a webinar entitled 'How do cost-effectiveness thresholds help inform health coverage decisions?' hosted by Red CRITERIA. further details here. 

Helen Weatherly presented a poster on 'i-Companion. Personalised intelligent care providing a safe and enhanced quality of life' at the YorRobots Exhibition, held in the Department of Computer Science, University of York 28 February.

January 2020

Laurie Rachet Jacquet presented a poster entitled 'Do surgeons forget? Investigating the impact of days out of practice on health outcomes for emergency hip fracture patients' and Francesco Ramponi presented a poster entitled 'Economic evaluation of interventions to address undernutrition: A systematic review' both at the Newcastle HESG meeting 6 - 8 January. 
Maria Goddard presenting at YorkTalks
On 8 January Maria Goddard took part in the YorkTalks and presented 'The punk professor's legacy: from "faith based political wheezes" to health policy informed by economic analysis, data and evidence'. 
Fan Yang presenting at the George Institute
16 January Fan Yang presented a seminar entitled 'Incorporating health inequality concerns into economic evaluation: The application of distributional cost-effectiveness analysis in assessing smoking cessation services' at The George Institute for Global Health in Sydney, Australia.
The Thanzi la Onse team comprising of Paul Revill, Sakshi Mohan, Wiktoria Tafesse, Martin Chalkley, Soraya Rusmaully and Mark Sculpher co-delivered a meeting and 1.5 day training event with the ECSA Health Economics Community of Practice in Mauritius on 29-31 January. 

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