Please Note. Our videoconferencing systems are NOT compatible with Adobe Breeze, Hangouts, Skype, etc..

To help your videoconference booking go as smoothly as possible, please read the general information below and also the details for the individual suite from the list on the left.

Information to obtain from remote site

  1. The type of equipment that they have (manufacturer and model type). This helps to be prepared for older equipment, which is less likely to work smoothly, and to check that they do have videoconferencing facilities rather than being confused with Skype.
  2. The number of their video conferencing equipment, even if they are making the call, in case you have initial connection problems, and the number of a telephone in the video conferencing room.
  3. A name, telephone number (separate to the video conferencing number) and email address for your contact and/or the technical contact at the remote site.

Information to give to the remote site

  1. Equipment make and model
  2. IP Address
  3. Video Conferencing room telephone number

These details can be found on the tab for the relevant videoconference suite.

Test call

Video conferencing equipment is not always fully compatible and it makes sense to check that everything works before conducting an important session using the equipment.
The test call should precede the real call by several days. All aspects of the call should be tested, and taking particular note that the definition of even the highest quality TV system is much lower lower than a standard PC screen.

What to wear

Wear solid coloured clothing rather than bold. Complex patterns, stripes, plaids, prints or busy patterns will cause the camera's focus to oscillate and destroy picture clarity.