Increasing our accommodation provision and social spaces on Campus East.

What is happening?

The University is increasing its accommodation provision by around 1,400 new student bedrooms on Campus East, together with flexible social spaces which will form two new colleges. The development has been designed to optimise the beautiful landscape and will be built with respect for the existing ecological diversity around the lake.

The expanded provision will allow us to house both more first years as well as returning students on campus. Anne Lister College is now partially open, with full completion expected in September 2022. The David Kato College will also open in September 2022.

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Project overview

The new residences development is being delivered by our partners at Civitas via a design, build, finance, operate (DBFO) contract. This means that Civitas will be responsible for not only building the residences, but for managing and maintaining them over a term of 50 years.

The model ensures that the University is providing innovative and energy efficient, on-campus residencies to support student and University growth.

Project benefits

  • Expanding our capacity to house students on campus for the duration of their time at York
  • Improving our accommodation offering to both new and continuing students
  • Enabling more York students to experience the benefits of college life


On the west side of Campus East. The location has been carefully chosen to strengthen the link between our two campuses while maximising views of the lake and surrounding parkland.


Work began in November 2019. Anne Lister College is now partially open to students and will be complete in September 2022. David Kato College will also open in September 2022. Altogether, there will be around 1,400 new rooms on campus by September 2022.

What will it look like?

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A number of drop-in sessions have been held with staff and students to show them the plans and answer any questions. We are also regularly engaging with the local community to discuss any of their concerns. We will continue to do this throughout the project.

From December 2019 the footpath from Lakeside Way to Baird Lane near the Catalyst was closed to all pedestrians and cyclists. This footpath is not expected to reopen until the end of the project in 2022.

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More questions? Please email the Campus Development Team