Project overview

In order to prepare for our new Student Centre building a number of key developments are taking place in Market Square. These include:

  • Providing Security Services with a new home on the ground floor of the Market Square building (above Nisa)
  • Creating a new hub on the lower ground floor (same level as Nisa) as a space for student front-line services and triage teams to work closely together
  • Eventually demolishing the following buildings: the Security Centre, IT Services, the Student Admin Building and the old Environment building.


This project is, in many ways, the start of the work for our new flagship student centre and central university square. However, much of the work and relocation of teams from unsuitable buildings has needed to happen anyway to offer them more suitable spaces and working environments.

By locating the services in very visible central locations, where students tend to congregate, we are putting the services that students need the most front and centre of our campus. This will be enhanced further when the new student building is completed.  


The work on the new space for student frontline services has been completed and it is expected that this will be occupied in spring 2022. 

It is planned that the new security centre will be complete by the end of 2022.

The other work, including the demolition of buildings will take place over the remainder of 2022 and into 2023.

How will this affect me?

The development will displace some teams and work is already underway to support them through these changes. There will also be additional noise and disruption in the area however we will mitigate this as much as possible.


Contact us

More questions? Please email the Campus Development Team

Contact us

More questions? Please email the Campus Development Team