As our campus grows, particularly as we build our new residences, we have a need to increase our energy supply, flexibility and resilience. Expanding our current energy centre on Campus East will allow us to do this in the most efficient way possible, with the least impact on the local area.

As a University we are committed to increasing our sustainability. We looked at a number of different options to increase our energy supply. The short term continued use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) was deemed the most efficient method for delivering the required amount of energy.

We have limited this proposed expansion to a level that will deliver what we need for the next ten years only, and hope that within that time we will be able to develop more sustainable methods of energy production long term.

Latest update

The project is awaiting City of York planning committee consent.  The submitted plan is for a single Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine.


A start date has yet to be set for this project.


Our current energy centre is on Kimberlow Lane, Campus East. This new project will be an expansion of the current site, within the current boundaries.


The project will increase the resilience of the University as it will separate the energy supply of our two campuses. This means that if we lose power to one, the other is unlikely to be affected.

The proposed centre will support the University’s needs for at least the next decade.

Contact us

More questions? Please email the Campus Development Team.

Contact us

More questions? Please email the Campus Development Team.