Contemporary conflicts are complex and dynamic. They relate to resources and the environment, urbanisation, water governance, civic and political space, and they often move in and out of violence and between different forms of violence.

Responding to the challenges posed by such conflicts to individuals, groups and communities, the Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR) engages in research that is co-produced with international and local governmental and non-governmental partners, and is interdisciplinary and impact-oriented. 

Our research focuses on influential actors and innovative strategies in conflict and post-conflict settings.

Our projects

Generating respect

The Generating Respect Project examines how religious leaders influence the behaviours of State and non-State parties to armed conflicts and whether their religious interpretations can generate greater respect for humanitarian norms.

Transformative justice

Transformative justice moves beyond a critique of transitional justice to explore ways in which official, state-led transitional justice, and wider understandings of justice in transition, can challenge the status quo and leverage transformative change.