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Las Iluministas - Alicia Salgado & Tallulah Lines, Mexico

Posted on 23 July 2020

Las Iluministas invites feminist artist-activists in Mexico to document their experiences during COVID-19. They will be asked to consider the particular gender-based challenges arising during COVID-19 and to reflect on their experiences as artist-activists in this climate of increased risk for women. Submissions from artist-activists will be curated in an online gallery. At the end of the project, a downloadable colouring book for adults will be created using some of the most striking images from the exhibition, the aim of which is to invite interaction with the art, promote politicised self-care, and reflect on learning from the project.

It is expected that artist-activists will address themes including politicised self and collective care, the impossibility of organising public protests, the surge in domestic violence, increasing futility of activist street art, the appropriation of COVID-19 to increase smear campaigns against feminist activists in mainstream and social media, and hopes for the future.

By participating in Las Iluministas, feminist artist-activists have the opportunity to a) connect with other feminist artists across the country, facilitating new networks for future collaboration, b) access a platform through which to promote their work, c) participate in a cathartic and therapeutic creative process by creating art which expresses present concerns related to COVID-19, and d) access the possibility to be remunerated for their art.

Alicia Salgado is from Mexico City. She is a feminist psychologist, doula, and activist, and co-founder of Las Panas, a feminist organisation based in a low-income zone in Mexico City. Tallulah Lines is a visual artist and researcher, who uses art as a form of activism, focusing mainly on feminist, decolonial themes.


The Las Iluministas online art gallery was launched via Facebook Live on Friday 10th July. Over 1000 people watched the live event, during which Alicia, Tallulah and special guest Ana Maria Castro Sánchez, feminist activist and academic at the University of Tolima, discussed the role of art in feminist activism in Latin America.

Over 90 works of art are on display in Las Iluministas Gallery. They have been divided into 5 key themes, displayed in 5 ‘galleries’. Together they narrate, from a feminist perspective, the strange reality in which we are living during these unprecedented times, and permit us to see what is happening behind closed doors in Mexico. The artworks communicate at once the harsh reality lived by many women during the pandemic, as well as the resilience and strength of feminist activists who are continuing their work in new and different ways. The themes are:

  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Women’s Work: The Increased Responsibility of Caring
  • Introspection
  • Feminist Activism Still Standing: Self-Care and Collective Care as Political Tools
  • A Cry for a Better Future: For Me, For You, and For Everyone

Alicia and Tallulah are now in the process of developing the second core output from this project.