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Events 2011

Challenging Abductions and Torture in Chechnya (PDF , 143kb) 
Wednesday 23 November 

Duch the Confessor: Cambodia's Killing Fields on Trial. Thierry Cruvellier. Author, Le Maitre des Aveux and Court of Remorse. 17:30 pm, Law and Management Building, LMB/030/031, Heslington East Campus
Duch the Confessor (PDF , 124kb)
Wednesday 16 November
Conference on forced disappearances - in partnership with Amnesty International
Conference on forced disappearances (PDF , 96kb) 
Thursday 10 November 

Doing Business with Indigenous Peoples: Transnational Corporations and Human Rights. Jeremie Gilbert, Middx University - 13:15, Ron Cooke Hub, RCH/017, Heslington East Campus
Doing Business with Indigenous Peoples (PDF , 168kb) 
Monday 17 October 

Human rights lecture by Justice Albie Sachs at the University of York
Human rights lecture by Justice Albie Sachs (PDF , 86kb) 
6 October 2011 

Refugee Week 
Refugee Week - June 2011 (PDF , 584kb) 
18 - 26 June 2011 

Centre co-hosts conference on Active Participation with Amnesty International and the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture
4-5 June

The Arab Domino Effect, Part II
Arab Domino Effect, Part II (PDF , 129kb) 
18 May 18:00 

Monitoring Torture: The Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (PDF , 124kb) 
Wednesday 11 May 

Transformative Justice conference (PDF , 226kb) 
12-13 May 2011 

LGBT & Faith: In Tribute to David Kato (PDF , 120kb) 
5 May 

From Marginal to Mainstream: A Short History of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (PDF , 130kb)
Wednesday 16 March 

HIV and Human Rights in China (PDF , 102kb) 
Thursday - 10 March 

Monitoring Elections: Uganda's 2011 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections (PDF , 129kb) 
Wednesday - 9 March 

Aftermaths: South Africa after Transitional Justice (PDF , 127kb) 
Wednesday - 2 March 

Poets as Human Rights Defenders in the Middle East (PDF , 107kb) 
Thursday - 3 March 

Law and Order? The impact of conflicting legislations on the right to education (PDF , 64kb) 
Thursday - 17 February 

Dr Thomas Brudholm: Alchemies of Reconcilliation (PDF , 126kb) 
Thursday 10 February 

Excavating Memory: Children of the Disappeared (PDF , 129kb) 
Wednesday 19 January