Current PhD students

The Centre for Applied Human Rights has PhD students conducting research in a variety of fields.

PhD student        

Research area

Sherif Azer


Cyberactivists in Egypt as human rights defenders, their vernacularization of international human rights law and the role this played in the 2011 Revolution

Lucrezia Canzutti


Vietnamese non-citizens in Cambodia

Reginald Frection

United States

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms utilized by the Hong Kong Labour Department in resolving labour disputes between migrant workers and employers

Chloë Gilgan

United States/UK

Responsibility to Protect and Syrian refugees in the UK 

Louise Gittins


Rights-based approach to primary education in Nigeria
Eric Hoddy


Transformative justice

Irina Ichim


Human rights defenders

Ruth Kelly


How storytelling and the arts can inform the articulation and promotion of development alternatives

Tamsin Mitchell


The effectiveness of protection mechanisms for journalists and human rights defenders at risk in Latin America
Laura Muñoz López


How land grabs in developing countries affect the land rights of local people

Lena Opfermann


Using drama to explore the experiences of unaccompanied and undocumented migrant children in Cape Town

Jens Poessel


Access to Justice and Non-Judicial Mechanisms of Cooperation and Coordination in Zambia: Challenges and Opportunities

Vera Riffler


The engagement of civil society organisations with the state on safety and security in post-transitions

Sara Sadek


The situation of Iraqi refugees in Egypt who fled Iraq between 2005-2008 after the US-led war on Iraq in 2005

Sheray Warmington


Institutionalized criminality and violence


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