Current PhD students

The Centre for Applied Human Rights has PhD students conducting research in a variety of fields.

Sherif Azer

  • Egypt
  • Cyberactivists in Egypt as human rights defenders, their vernacularization of international human rights law and the role this played in the 2011 Revolution

Lucrezia Canzutti

  • Italy
  • Vietnamese non-citizens in Cambodia

Reginald Frection

  • United States
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms utilized by the Hong Kong Labour Department in resolving labour disputes between migrant workers and employers

Chloë Gilgan

  • United States/UK
  • Responsibility to Protect and Syrian refugees in the UK

Eric Hoddy

  • UK
  • Transformative justice

Irina Ichim

  • Romania
  • Human rights defenders

Ruth Kelly

  • Ireland
  • How storytelling and the arts can inform the articulation and promotion of development alternatives
  • Blog

Tamsin Mitchell

  • UK
  • The effectiveness of protection mechanisms for journalists and human rights defenders at risk in Latin America

Laura Muñoz López

  • Spain
  • How land grabs in developing countries affect the land rights of local people

Jens Poessel

  • Germany
  • Access to Justice and Non-Judicial Mechanisms of Cooperation and Coordination in Zambia: Challenges and Opportunities

Sara Sadek

  • Egypt
  • The situation of Iraqi refugees in Egypt who fled Iraq between 2005-2008 after the US-led war on Iraq in 2005

Sheray Warmington

  • Jamaica
  • Institutionalized criminality and violence


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