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Current projects

The University of York has a strong commitment to addressing the challenges of the modern world through a diverse range of research which benefits society. 

Health & Medicine

Acupuncture is of benefit for some types of chronic pain

An international research collaboration, involving the University of York, has shown that acupuncture is an effective treatment for chronic pain in patients with chronic back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, and chronic headache.

Pioneering research helps to unravel the brain’s vision secrets

A new study led by scientists at the Universities of York and Bradford has identified the two areas of the brain responsible for our perception of orientation and shape.

York scientists discover driving force behind prostate cancer

The discovery makes a fundamental shift in the understanding of how solid cancers start.

New research demonstrates an increase in NHS productivity

A new study by researchers at the Centre for Health Economics, University of York, reveals the productivity of the NHS in England increased by 3.2 per cent in the first year of the Coalition administration.

York physicists offer novel insight into experimental cancer treatment

Physicists from the University of York have carried out new research into how the heating effect of an experimental cancer treatment works.

York launches new International Centre for Mental Health Social Research

Mental health experts from around the world are teaming up to undertake a unique research programme applying social science to mental health practice.

Postgraduate student making up a sample for examination by SABRE. Photo by John Houlihan.


Unlocking ancient rice secrets to overcome rainfall extremes

Researchers from the UK, USA and India, led by scientists at the University of York, are embarking on a major four-year project which aims to develop new strains of rice to help to feed millions of people.

New study highlights impact of environmental change on older people

Recent natural disasters illustrate vulnerability of older people: majority of deaths from the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) and Hurricane Katrina (2005) occurred among older people.

How the wood-eating gribble could help turn waste into biofuel

Scientists, led by Professor Simon McQueen-Mason and Professor Neil Bruce at the University of York, have discovered a new enzyme that could prove an important step in the quest to turn waste, such as paper, scrap wood and straw, into liquid fuel. 

Why we need to put the fish back into fisheries

Overfishing has reduced fish populations and biodiversity across much of the world's oceans. In response, fisheries are increasingly reliant on a handful of highly valuable shellfish. However, new research by the University of York shows this approach to be extremely risky.

York scientists' solution to biomass waste ash dilemma

Biomass has become one of the most commonly used renewable sources of energy in the last two decades. But one major problem remains - what to do with the waste ash produced? Scientists from the University of York have discovered a method for converting the waste into valuable silica.

Earthworms could help scientists ‘dig’ into past climates

A team of UK researchers believe earthworms could provide a window into past climates, allowing scientists to piece together the prevailing weather conditions thousands of years ago.


Science & Technology

Laser empties atoms from the inside out

An international team of plasma physicists has used one of the world’s most powerful lasers to create highly unusual plasma composed of hollow atoms with implications for the development of fusion energy.

York physicists help drive forward development of 'green' cars

Physicists from the University of York are playing a key role in the development of high performance magnetic materials which will make electric cars a more realistic option for the future.

York scientist provides 'new spin' on emerging quantum technologies

An international team of scientists, including University of York physicist Dr Irene D’Amico, has shed new light on a fundamental area of physics which could have important implications for future electronic devices and the transfer of information at the quantum level.

Milwaukee-York researchers forward quest for quantum computing

Research teams from the University of York and UW-Milwaukee investigating the properties of ultra-thin films of new materials are helping bring quantum computing one step closer to reality.

auris toyota

Society & Policy

Researchers recommend clearer national guidance on the role of community nursing assistants

A pioneering study led by researchers from the University of York highlights the role and contribution of community nursing assistants and their potential impact on patient experience.

Social networking: Is the igeneration a 'we' generation?

Social networking sites may increase the bonds of friendship for nine to 13-year-old boys, according to researchers from the University of York.

Student competition success opens up 3D crossword puzzles for the blind

A University of York student has successfully completed a challenge that allows blind and visually impaired people to complete 3D crosswords.

A job in itself: the thankless task for young unemployed people looking for work

A new report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), based on a study led by the University of York, highlights the task faced by young unemployed people.

Creating citizenship communities: helping young people take their place in society

A major new study suggests a range of potential improvements in the way schools pursue citizenship education.

York Minster

Arts & Culture

Pottery reveals the earliest direct evidence for the use of ceramic vessels

Until recently, ceramic container technologies have been associated with the arrival of farming, but we now know they were a much earlier hunter-gatherer adaptation, used for cooking fish.

Clocking In: Life in the Chocolate City

Students from the University of York together with actors from the local community are to perform Clocking In, a new play taken from real life stories celebrating the chocolate making industry in York, at the York Cocoa House.

Mountain rescue with a difference

The centuries-old monasteries found in the Nepalese Himalayas are falling into disrepair due to lack of investment, placing their religious treasures at risk. 

Students transport Jacobean city comedy to a dystopian near-future

A 17th century Jacobean comedy seldom seen on the modern stage is undergoing a thoroughly modern re-working with the help of students from the University of York.

It’s a wrap: student documentary uncovers city’s chocolate heritage

University of York students directed a documentary film which brings the city’s chocolate heritage to life for secondary schools.

Making Memories, making history

A newly published book of fictional stories, written by University of York students and inspired by the memories of York's older residents, includes a foreword by Dame Joan Bakewell.

Factory York

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