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Develop your Business Through Graduates

Supporting businesses who either already have graduate employees and interns, are in the process of identifying suitable roles or are in the process of recruitment into roles

Josie O'Hanlon, Arden Matheson Training Solutions said: 
“Graduates bring a wealth of skill, motivation, and fresh eyes into a business. With support, guidance, and a framework, they bring a dynamic insight and drive. From delivering graduate programmes across small and corporate organisations, we know that Graduate learning and development is key for Graduates to build their own commercial skills and transfer into the workplace effectively.”

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Online toolkit and training

Our online toolkit is free to use and our Graduate Support Network is free-to-attend, professionally-facilitated, and has successfully supported businesses and graduates.

Amelia Spanton, Hey Me Limited said:
"The first Graduate Development Programme Networking session was a really interesting and engaging session - thanks! I look forward to the next session".

Elizabeth Evans, Labskin said:
"Graduate Support Network Programme has provoked me into exploring how I interact with colleagues within the workplace. This is an invaluable experience, because we are not often made to reflect on how our own ways of communication can develop our relationships with others".

Jen Armstrong, Edwards and Pearce:
"Great overall course that had direct impact on work moving forwards. They were able to implement what they’d learned in real situations and understand themselves and others better".

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If you are looking to attract graduates to your business in the future, this programme provides you with access to the Attracting and Retaining Graduates Toolkit which is an online resource to provide your business with a wealth of helpful resources to recruit, develop and support graduates. Hosted on a website, the toolkit is quick and easy to use and access at convenience.

If you already have graduate employees working within your business, up to two are able to take part in the Graduate Support Network. The Graduate Support Network aims to build a network for graduates and interns joining businesses. 

The six online half a day networking events provide training in soft and commercial skills. Each networking event consists of a half day online workshop, spaced roughly one week apart accompanied by some helpful online training material.

The networking events are run by top learning and development consultant Josie O’Hanlon from Arden Matheson Ltd.

**The next and final Cohort of training begins on the 7 July - register by the 24 June .** 

The training dates are the 7, 14, 20 July and 17, 23 and 30 August

Download the project flyer for more details about the individual Graduate Network Events: SSSP Graduate Flyer (PDF , 141kb)

There is no charge for the support on offer, all we require is for you to complete a short form so that we can tailor the content to your business needs.

*Please note that your details are not shared with anyone other than those involved in the project. You can view the full privacy notice.

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