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Professional Coaching Programme (CMI 5)

Coaching is a transformative learning process which can enable individuals to achieve their full potential.

This programme introduces the principles of professional coaching, including

  • The benefits of professional coaching
  • The similarities and differences with other methods that support the development of individuals
  • The roles and responsibilities within the coaching relationship and for delivering and managing professional coaching
  • The organisational, ethical and legal frameworks and quality assurance which inform professional coaching.

On successful completion of the unit, the Professional Coach will be equipped with an understanding of the processes for contracting,
delivering, and managing coaching.

Programme outline

The 2023 programme will take place in person at the University of York campus on the following dates:

Module 1 - 9th, 10th and 11th May 2023

Module 2 - 20th and 21st June 2023

Tutorial and coaching supervision session 1 - 28th June 2023

Tutorial and coaching supervision session 2 - 10th July 2023

Optional draft assignment submission deadline - 8th September 2023

Assignment submission deadline - 3rd November 2023

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Learners will engage with a combination of classic and cutting-edge theory, and put it into practice in a safe and supervised environment.

Tutorials and supervision sessions will take place on the same day, over two days. The sessions will include:


Tutorials will focus on assignments and accreditation. 


Supervision sessions will focus on professional coaching practice. Participants will be asked to hold coaching conversations in the ‘real world’, while potentially forming peer supervision networks with fellow learners; maintain a reflective coaching journal; and keep a regular record of their experience and learning, following David Kolb’s reflective practice model.


The programme is accredited by CMI as a Level 5 Award.

Through attending each session and completing assignments, delegates will gain a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification at Level 5 Award.

This programme is based on the CMI syllabus, CMI Level 5 Award in Principles of Professional Coaching. 

Course fees

The programme is £1,500 per person. This includes registration and membership of the CMI, tutorials and supervisions with assigned tutors, and all course materials needed to complete the programme.

If you are a business operating within the York and North Yorkshire Region, you may be eligible for funding up to 40% of the total programme fee

Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to booking. 

Ron Cooke Hub 

Programme Outline

Pre-course - Delegates will complete a pre-course workbook that will introduce key concepts and encourage reflective practice. We will ask participants to complete a short learning styles questionnaire and an online personality profile (‘Big 5’ Personality Traits) that will add depth to the classroom sessions.

Module 1

A three day, highly interactive workshop that will introduce the skillset of the professional coach.  Learners will engage with a combination of classic and cutting edge theory. 

Interim - Participants will be asked to hold coaching conversations in the ‘real world’, whilst potentially forming peer supervision networks with fellow learners.  We will ask participants to maintain a reflective coaching journal and keep a regular record of their experience and learning, following David Kolb’s reflective practice model.

Module 2

A further 2 days, focussing on more advanced tools and techniques.  



A professional coach will have the tools, capabilities and knowledge to support learning, development and growth in their colleagues and clients. 

A variety of studies have shown that coaching is highly valued by an increasing number of organisations, and the benefits include:

A safe, dedicated space to reframe and resolve problems.  Coaching provides a safe, confidential space which enables people to talk openly and gain new perspectives on problems and people.

Lasting positive change. Coaching results in lasting positive change, in terms of personal, business and team outcomes. It leads to the development of new capabilities and mind-sets, improvements in wellbeing, confidence and motivation and strengthened leadership identity.

 Improved leadership style. The reflection associated with coaching improves people’s leadership style:

 “You’re a different kind of leader. You handle things in a different way to you had in the past...more patience and more empathy and more consideration...that lots of people have things to offer" -  (Dan, Chief Customer Excellence Officer, financial services).

Reflection discussion enabling learning from past mistakes. Coaching enables reflection on experience, and encourages the processes of learning and improvement.

Our tutors are carefully selected for their blend of exemplary academic credentials (MSc level and beyond) and experience in professional practice. All work as executive coaches, and bring both the most up to date theory and research in this field, and first-hand experience to ensure every session is directly relevant to working as a professional coach.‌


Through attending each session and completing two assignments, delegates will achieve a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Award qualification at Level 5.

What are the benefits of a professional qualification with CMI?

CMI qualifications are valued by employers - qualifications are designed in consultation with employers to meet today's demands

You'll be more marketable - a qualification speaks volumes to prospective employers, giving you the advantage when looking for your next career move.

You can earn more - research proves that those with a qualification will earn more through their career.

You'll perform better - a qualification will not only sharpen your existing skills, it will equip you with a range of ones.

What are the benefits of CMI membership

As a member of CMI, you will benefit from a comprehensive range of products and services. Being a member of CMI gives you professional recognition, alongside a vast array of career enhancing benefits and resources to help you achieve your goals and become a Better Manager. Products and Services available to you are:- 

The Management diagnostic tool - This will you to identify areas to progress and create a tailored development plan for yourself. 

Management Direct - Thousands of on demand, current validated resources.

Events and Webinars - Live streams, podcasts, webinars and the social media community.

Management Mentoring - Trusted guidance, encouragement and support from an experienced CMI mentor. 

Access to Kooth mental health platform - to help you manage your wellbeing daily. 

Career Development Centre - a wealth of tools, information and advice available to support your career aspirations. 



Advanced Coaching & Mentoring will be running over the following days:

Module 1

9th, 10th and 11th May 2023

Module 2

20th and 21st June 2023

Tutorials and Supervision Sessions

28th July and 10th July 2023


Ron Cooke Hub, 133 Deramore Ln, York YO10 5GE

Investment & Payment

Course Investment 

 The programme was £1,500 per person for Level 5. This includes your registration and membership to the CMI Portal, tutorials and supervisions with your assigned tutor throughout your learning and all course materials needed to complete the programme. 

Registration is done online by Credit/Debit Card for instant payment and a guaranteed secured place on the course (please note the University of York does not accept American Express cards).


Contact details

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The University of York
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YO10 5GE

Tel: 01904 325145

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Advanced Coaching and Mentoring Terms and Conditions

Discounts and Funding 

Are you a small or medium-sized business operating within the York and North Yorkshire Region? Funding totaling to a 40% discount can be obtained for this programme through the European Social Fund via the Business Scale Up Development Programme. 
To find out if you are eligible for funding, please contact our partners at Calderdale College:

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