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Online Management Development Programme, CMI Level 5 Award

Bookings for this programme are now closed

This programme enables experienced and middle managers to develop the critical business skills needed to achieve high performance in organisations, whilst gaining a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management. 

This structured programme allows delegates to develop their core management skills whilst building a highly personal programme that focusses on their own development needs and provides them with the abilities required to lead, motivate and inspire their teams. 

We offer an Online Programme, all live sessions are carried out via Zoom and the structure of the programme can be seen below.

40% funding is available for eligible business through the Scale Up programme. 



Course Structure 

We have no planned dates for this programme at this current time. 

Induction TBC TBC
Module 1 - Live Session  TBC TBC
Pre-recorded presentation and podcast View /Listen   At your own pace
Module 2 - Live Session  TBC TBC
Pre-recorded presentation and podcast View /Listen  At your own pace
Module 3 - Live Session  TBC TBC
Pre-recorded presentation and podcast View /Listen  At your own pace
Tutorial 1 - Live Session TBC TBC
Module 4 - Live Session  TBC TBC
Pre-recorded presentation and podcast View /Listen  At your own pace
Module 5 - Live Session  TBC TBC
Pre-recorded presentation and podcast View /Listen  At your own pace
Tutorial 2 - Live Session  TBC TBC

Live session one - The future leader

  1. The Evolution of Leadership Theory
  2. The Relationship Between Leadership and Management
  3. The Changing Landscape for Leaders
  4. Evidence Based Opinion on Leadership in the 2020’s

Live session two - Leadership Style and Impact

  1. Daniel Goleman’s Leadership styles
  2. What can the SCARF model by David Rock tell us about the impact of our leadership style on others?
  3. What does “Inclusion” mean in the workplace?
  4. Exploring the VoicePrint communication styles tool

Live session three - Building and leading the team

  1. The nature of high performing teams
  2. What to expect when building a new team
  3. A brief introduction to psychometric tools for individual and team performance
  4. The power of shared goals

Live session four - Leading through change

  1. Current change models
  2. Creating a shared need – Threats vs Opportunities matrix
  3. Fixed vs Growth mindset
  4. The Change cycle (a model to understand the human reactions to change)

Live session five - Improving the wellbeing and resilience of your team

  1. The evolution of work and its impact on wellbeing
  2. Causes of workplace stress and the impact stress has on the human body
  3. The 4 elements of wellbeing.
  4. The importance of both individual and team resilience


This programme is for experienced, middle managers or individuals aspiring to these roles.

There are no formal entry requirements for the programme, but it is expected that participants have (or aspire to have) the opportunity to influence organisational strategies.


Through attending a structured short course programme over five individual days and completing one assignment, delegates will gain an a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management. Please note, the deadline for completing the assignment is 6 weeks after the last session of the programme.

CMI qualifications are valued by employers - qualifications are designed in consultation with employers to meet today's demands.

By gaining this CMI qualification:

You'll be more marketable - a qualification speaks volumes to prospective employers, giving you
the advantage when looking for your next career move.

You can earn more - research proves that those with a qualification will earn more through their

You'll perform better - a qualification will not only sharpen your existing skills, it will equip you with a range of new tools and techniques.


Chartered Management Institute


The Management Development Programme offers a strategic approach to gaining a CMI 5 qualification, ensuring the modules studied meet the specific needs of the individual and their company. The course will be delivered via a mixture of live online sessions and tutorials as well as a range of pre-recorded sessions and podcasts. The Zoom platform will be used for the live sessions.

Delegates must complete all five modules within the programme to reach the necessary guided learning hours and achieve this accreditation. 

You will be asked to complete one CMI assignment alongside the learning hours; each involves undertaking and reflecting on a series of leadership tasks in your organisation. You will be well supported throughout the process by your tutor, and you will have access to a huge range of on-line resources to assist you in your study.


Each module is delivered by a tutor that specialises in that subject area, meaning that you may have a different tutor for each module.

Alex Firmin will deliver modules one and three, in addition to both tutorials.

Caroline Forman will deliver modules two, four, and five.

Supporting you throughout the programme is CMI tutor Alex Firmin, who will be on hand throughout your study to consolidate your learning, guide you through your assignments and provide constructive feedback to ensure that you gain the most from the programme.

Course Investment

The inclusive cost of the Online Management Development Programme is £1000. This fee includes all five modules, CMI 5 qualification, access to resources, assessment, administration, and tutor support.

If you are a business operating within the York and North Yorkshire Region, you may be eligible for funding up to 40% of the total programme fee

As part of the programme, you will be registered to the CMI hub, giving you six months' CMI student membership, and access to a range of resources and services designed to support your learning and development, submission of all assessments, and additional course learning materials.

Fees also include tutorial support – two online tutorial sessions will run as part of each CMI 5 programme and must be completed to receive the CMI qualification.


Registration is completed online by Credit/Debit Card for instant payment and a guaranteed secured place on the course 

(please note the University of York does not accept American Express cards). 


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Discounts and funding 

Are you a small or medium-sized business operating within the York and North Yorkshire Region? Funding totaling to a 40% discount can be obtained for this programme through the European Social Fund via the Business Scale Up Development Programme. 
To find out if you are eligible for funding, please contact our partners at Calderdale College: