Accessibility statement

Workers with a train

The Institute of Railway Studies

The Institute of Railway Studies (IRS) is a joint initiative between the University of York and the National Railway Museum, York.  IRS students are able to draw on the resources and expertise from both organisations, and have the opportunity to pursue the study of the history of transport and mobility in a range and depth unparalleled at any other institution in the country.

Teaching programme 

Postgraduate Diploma

The Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of York currently offers a two-year, part-time postgraduate diploma in Railway Studies which is taught online via distance learning, with an optional residential weekend each year. Students need only basic web browsing and word processing skills to engage, and there is no expectation to be online at any specific point, making this a very flexible way to engage with current academic debate within the railway studies arena.

Research Degrees

Students may enrol for research degrees (full-time and part-time) at Masters, MPhil and PhD level in a range of academic departments at the University of York. The University currently offers expert supervision in a wide variety of relevant disciplines, including Archaeology, History, History of Art, Management and Sociology. We are especially keen to recruit students with interests in railway-related study of heritage, history (including business history and cultural history), material culture and memory.