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Develop Your Business Through Graduates

Interview with Amy Creighton from University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

Hi Amy! Great to have you on our Graduate Development Programme, what were your initial thoughts around taking part in the course?

“Having been a student for so long, my initial interest was how would this programme help me think of myself as a professional. I've found the content to be helpful in thinking about how to develop myself within my business, particularly around communication and networking.”

How have you found the course modules so far? 

“The course modules have been very engaging and use a good mixture of styles of learning to help take in the content.”

How have you applied the content of the course to your own working environment?

“The content of the course has helped me think about how I communicate as a professional as well as as a part of a larger business." 

What learnings will you take away from the course and how will you apply these to your role going forward?

“So far, the key learning I have taken away is how communication is more than words, that stakeholders have different working personality types and how to engage various stakeholders. Having conversations with other people on the course, and the instructor, have helped me learn about practical business solutions as well.”

Thanks Amy, we are glad you are enjoying the course so far and look forward to seeing you in the next module!