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"This has given our company a real focus for planning our succession. It is no doubt the catalyst that we need.  I really like the perceptions of our values and putting it down in an email really clarifies it for me. Many thanks for your input." 

John Taylor, Country Products 

"The first Graduate Development Programme Networking session was a really interesting and engaging session - thanks! I look forward to the next session".

Amelia Spanton, Hey Me Limited

"The graduate has quite simply flourished this past year, supported by the course. A reliable, efficient and smart member of the team, she often goes above and beyond, has created new initiatives from the ground up, regularly supports the other team members and is a real asset to the Hey Me team".

Emma Lever, Hey Me Limited

"Graduate Support Network Programme has provoked me into exploring how I interact with colleagues within the workplace. This is an invaluable experience, because we are not often made to reflect on how our own ways of communication can develop our relationships with others".

Elizabeth Evans, Labskin 

"Great overall course that had direct impact on work moving forwards. They were able to implement what they’d learned in real situations and understand themselves and others better".

Jen Armstrong, Edwards and Pearce

"Holly is a really great presenter and made sure that everyone was engaged and had an opportunity to contribute without feeling pressured.  I really enjoyed the break out sessions too as it was an opportunity to get to know the other people in the session. Great tips to take forward and areas that I can develop for my Business".

Louise Scott, Castle Employment

"Following the programme I have: re-thought our target market, re-designed our offer, we are having a rebrand as a result. We have done lots of work on strategy and cascaded that through the team getting them engaged in the process and it has kicked off a whole new approach to our research and actions related to that. We got such a lot from the programme”.

Toni Eastwood OBE, Founder of Quantum Vantage

"The course has given me so much to think about and has already changed the way I engage with new opportunities. Definitely the best, most informative course I have taken!".

Ben Harrison, Kinata Ltd

"I have gained so much knowledge and the best bit is I can keep coming back to it and applying it to my business. Thanks so much".

Paula Duck Photographer and York Photo Walks Founder