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Tom Watson is a Broadband and Wi-Fi Engineer at Landlord Broadband. Landlord Broadband delivers fast, hassle-free internet access for multiple occupancy properties. Their fully managed internet services have been purpose built to cope with the demands of internet for shared housing.

Tom is currently working towards gaining an ILM Level 5 certificate in Leadership and Management  and has completed three of his five modules; Developing and Leading Teams, Negotiation Skills and Social Media–Beyond the Basics. Before signing up for the full ILM 5 Certificate Tom decided to take one module, Social Media–Beyond the Basics, to see how he found it.  He chose to take part in the Social Media module because he wanted to try and improve the content on Landlord Broadband’s social media platforms. He found the course really useful as it provided an intricate insight into social media and how it works. 

"I would have to say that the instructors have been brilliant in their delivery and getting everyone involved."

Following his very positive experience on the social media course Tom signed up to complete the full ILM Level 5 qualification and selected a further four modules.  Since negotiations are an integral part of his role within Landlord Broadband Tom signed up to attend the Negotiation Skills course to learn how to set the foundation for negotiations with clients and colleagues. Tom has expressed how the 8 commandments for successful negotiations provided a great insight about how to go into negotiations and what to expect from clients and other stakeholders. The course has helped Tom specifically negotiate pricing with clients, learning to trade with them rather than concede to their demands.

"The course has helped me develop a 'less is more' approach; the more that is said in a negotiation, the more diluted your argument becomes."

The core module of the ILM Level 5 certificate in Leadership and Management is Developing and Leading Teams which teaching the core skills of being a great leader and manager. Tom recognised that he needed to develop his skills in leading and managing new staff and found that the coaching and mentoring skills were some of the most important and useful new skills he learnt. Tom is applying the skills that he acquired through the course to coach and mentor recently recruited staff within the business. He considers that the positive impact of these new skills will increase as more staff join the company and the principles of coaching and mentoring are embedded within the culture of the organisation.

 "I would recommend any members of staff and anyone outside the business who is interested in leadership courses."

With only two more modules to go, Tom is well on his way to completing his ILM 5 certificate!



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