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Support for Changing Markets 

Interview with Ben Harrison from Kinesis A&G - Product of Kinata Ltd

Hi Ben, great to meet you!  Please tell us about how you first found out about the Changing Markets Programme and what your initial thoughts were around taking part in the programme? 

I was pointed in the right direction by my Director following on from our strategic plan to implement our solution in new markets. My initial thoughts on taking part of the programme were that I really needed personal support on how I could take this forward. The course looked perfect for my own personal development as well as the company's development. 

How did you find the course modules? Was there any 'stand out' learning or information that you took from one or more of them? 

All three modules have been outstanding.  Our coach, Holly Arden, made the course thoroughly enjoyable whilst also providing us with outstanding insights into how to succeed in changing markets. One key piece of learning for me was how to describe your business using the ‘Why, What and How'. This simple process has changed the way I approach opportunities. 

That all sounds great! How have you applied the content of the course to your own working environment?  

I have applied much of my learning to the way I make an approach to a potential buyer. The course has really taught me how important it is to quickly let the buyer understand exactly why you are doing what you are doing and I have found this to be the best way to get the potential client onside efficiently. 

That sounds really useful. Do you have any final thoughts or comments on the programme? 

I would highly recommend this course to any company, big or small, who are looking  to move into a new market. You might also enjoy yourself at the same time! 

Thanks Ben, we are glad you enjoyed the programme and it has had a positive impact on your work!