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Develop Your Business Through Graduates

Interview with Jessica Humble from Edwards and Pearce Recruitment Consultancy

Hi Jess, great to meet you! Please can you tell us a little bit about how you found out about the Specialist Skills Support Programme’s Graduate Network Course and what parts you found most interesting? 

“I first found out about the course through my employer Edwards and Pearce as it was part of our graduate programme. I was definitely up for taking part as I thought it would really help me put into practice what I have learnt at university and how I can impact my company in a positive way and be pioneering. 

I found all of the course modules really insightful and they have most definitely helped with my communication where I work. I had never thought about watching TED Talks to help with my development and this has been great to see real life examples. The sessions seem to fly by and it's great to be able to communicate with fellow graduates who are new to their role and discuss our business struggles and brainstorm ideas together.” 

That all sounds great! What have you taken back to your workplace and how will you continue to use these skills in future? 

“I have used the engagement triangle and I am now always considering how my actions will affect my credibility amongst my colleagues. It was great to revisit Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and to look at the difference between ‘Belonging’ and ‘Fitting’.  

Going forward, I will continue to use the engagement triangle, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and ensure I offer emotional support to my colleagues as well as just around work topics. I have changed my communication style when speaking to different colleagues and think more about explaining myself when asking things. It was great to look at Mehrabian’s communication model and all the different ways we communicate from our body language, facial expressions and words and how these differ via different ways of communicating whether that is virtually or in person.” 

That sounds really useful. Do you have any final thoughts or comments on the programme? 

“There is nothing that is negative I have to say about the programme, it has really helped my development, my confidence and my communication skills. It has been a great way to reflect on my progress starting with Edwards and Pearce and how I can have a positive influence on the expansion of the business. Thank you very much for this opportunity, I would recommend it to any graduate who has just started a new role and needs some guidance from someone outside of their organisation.” 

Thanks Jess, what a great way to see the impact the programme is having on our graduate participants!