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Cummins Inc. designs, manufactures, sells and services diesel and alternative fuel engines, as well as related components and technology. With a 55,000 strong, international workforce, they are a Global Power Leader.

Mikey Davison has been employed by Cummins Inc. for 16 years, in a range of finance, process improvement and risk management positions. He is currently the Regional Risk Manager responsible for all aspects of Risk and Insurance across 30+ countries, comprising some 8,000 staff and close to 100 locations.

"What we all do everyday is communicate and in that sense, some of the modules are really, really good at helping us communicate better"
Mikey and his colleague Karen, chose to become delegates on the YSLP because they were tired of the ‘same old, same old’ type courses. With both Karen and Mikey already being professionally qualified, they wanted a course that was “a little bit quirky” but also relevant to the real world. Mikey began the course with an open mind, aware of the importance of being receptive to different ideas and techniques. With a “do what you’ve always done attitude, you’ll continue to get the same results”, Mikey chose the YSLP, as he was seeking a different way of looking at the commercial world.

"We felt that it offered an alternative perspective, which we'd find helpful within the business world, and so that's the reason we chose the course. It was a good choice."

The whole programme surprised Mikey, particularly the course’s small class sizes and level of interaction. The stand out session was the Powerful Presentations module because of the extent that it took him out of his comfort zone… “The coaches gave invaluable feedback and hands-on support, with a clear view to making me a more engaging and effective communicator, especially at our AGM/Board meetings.” He expressed the importance of putting oneself out there, in order to be successful.

"It will take you out of your comfort zone for sure , but is really helpful - personally and professionally."For Mikey, the best thing about the YSLP was the standard and quality of the tutoring. He felt that the course was real-world focused and he appreciated being pushed outside normal course mode. On reflection, Mikey explained how there was no point in doing a “safe” course that wouldn’t challenge, as that wouldn't represent an opportunity to really develop. He enjoyed the exposure to new and alternative techniques and ways in which problem solving and collaborative working is applied both academically and with clients in the real world. In terms of end of course added value, Mikey has started to apply some of the techniques taught, in terms of innovative problem solving and is thinking about how these can be applied to 2018 key deliverables and projects.


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