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Nick Payne was new into his position as COO/ Head of Development of Control F1 when he decided to become a delegate on the York Strategic Leadership Programme (YSLP). He wanted to engage with some formal management training as he had not had any formal leadership training in the past but did have previous experience in leading teams. The course gave him a safe environment to practice his skills, achieve his learning goals and build on what he was already doing.

“This course validated how I was leading, and also taught me new skills, especially around dispute resolution and different ways of seeing how people tick.”

Nick explained that the most important skill he developed was learning not to be afraid to ask awkward questions. He described how he is continually surprised by what happens when he does; whether he asks about someone’s feelings or about a specific behaviour. A tangible difference that Nick has noticed since completing the course is his ability to diffuse situations at work. Using what he was taught on the programme has allowed Nick to understand how a situation would play out before he steps in which means he is better able to address the situation in the most effective way possible.

“The skills are exceptionally powerful, especially if you don’t know how to deal with the responses.”

Nick enjoyed meeting like minded people through the programme as well as getting to know himself a bit better. He also explained how he found it an “enjoyable experience” going back to university for a couple of days a month! Having thinking space between the day courses was an aspect Nick found particularly useful too. The space between different modules is intentional, as it gives time for delegates to reflect and consolidate their knowledge.

“I’d recommend it to anyone who is in management or that has a job where dealing with people is important.”

Nick has already recommended the University of York’s CPD unit and has sent more staff on both the YSLP and other courses at the University. Nick explained how he has observed changes in Control F1’s staff that have been on the courses at the university. The continued relationship between Control F1 and the CPD unit demonstrates how worthwhile the delegates from Control F1 have found the university’s courses.

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