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As Bytemark's Operations Director, Peter wanted to invest in some personal development training that focussed particularly on tactical management. The continued growth of Bytemark had induced an air of stress at the top end of the company because of the ever-changing business demands. Peter was aware that it was a common hurdle for companies of Bytemark's size to struggle to grow further. This motivated him to pursue training that would give him the skills to properly address where the company was going. He was looking for help with how to develop Bytemark's strategy and how to work with their managers within the company.

This is where the University of York got involved.

After discussing his requirements with Bytemark's HR Manager, Pam, Peter enrolled on the York Strategic Leadership Programme (YSLP), one of the University's executive development courses. Before starting the programme Peter wasn't wholly convinced by leadership and management training courses and initially agreed to take the course because it seemed as though it was the right thing to do. However, once he'd started the course, Peter was surprised at how relevant and useful the programme was.

"Challenge of Change, the resilience training day, was really good! It has been an immediate impact on how I work with the other director, how I perceive other people's communication and how I handle them."

Peter's favourite module from the YSLP were Challenge of Change  and Powerful Presentations. On reflection, Peter identified how Challenge of Change had made an instant and noticeable improvement with regards to how he communicated with other members of staff. This module actually solved the problem that Peter had regarding disjointed communication within the company. Furthermore, whilst recently delivering a presentation to the company, he made sure to consciously apply the skills he learnt on the Powerful Presentations module. These are just a few of the tangible effects that Peter has identified from his experience on the YSLP.

Peter recognises how he has developed both personally and professionally from the YSLP, which was important for him as he is considered a leader within Bytemark. Peter's understanding of leadership has altered since experiencing the YSLP. He now recognises the importance of formal training for new managers. Bytemark are considering making the Management in Action and ILM 3 award mandatory for any new managers, even if they are only managing one person. Bytemark currently have staff working towards their ILM 5 certificate in Leadership and Management and their ILM 3 award, through the Management in Action programme.

"Over the years we had never questioned what it takes to manage only one person, but now I am actually convinced that training will make a difference."

Bytemarks reputation as a conscientious and self-aware company is evidenced by their commitment to personal and professional development of their staff. We hope to continue working with our friends at Bytemark, aiding them in their achievement of professional excellence.


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