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Aims and Areas of Interest

Established in January 2009, CEGBI is a research centre in the School for Business and Society at the University of York. The centre aims to carry out groundbreaking research which will foster a better understanding of how business and institutions succeed in a global economy.  By developing a better understanding of the relationship between past and the present, the aim is to draw lessons that help business and policy makers in more informed decision making. It draws on an eclectic approach, both in terms of research topics and methodologies used. A distinctive characteristic of the members of the centre is their emphasis on international business and economic history, global marketing, ethics and social enterprise.

CEGBI has three main research themes:

  • What explains the long-term performance of businesses and institutions and how they can impact on economic development.
  • What is the impact of culture and institutions on brands and advertising in a globalized world.
  • What are the challenges of governance and entrepreneurship in business models.

CEGBI aims to widen the research agenda in the field of global business and management studies. In doing so it will benefit society through a range of activities:

  • attracting leading scholars from different parts of the world;
  • creating research networks of collaboration nationally and internationally;
  • disseminating knowledge through public lectures, conferences, workshops, seminars and the publications produced by its members, some targeted at and academic audience and others at a business audience and public in general;
  • collaborating with businesses and institutions;
  • teaching and supervising outstanding students, in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Type of Research

CEGBI combines the following key characteristics:

  • it looks at the evolution of business as well as other institutions (both formal and informal)
  • it has a commitment to comparative and international analysis
  • it offers a broad range of theoretical viewpoints essentially from organization and management studies, but also from other fields such as economics, history, political science and organizational sociology
  • it draws on a multitude of sources, ranging from corporate and institutional archives and oral history projects, and also to secondary sources, such as company and institutions of histories
  • it researches real-life business strategies of firms and other institutions, and also the behaviour of entrepreneurs over time and across borders
  • it has a commitment to high standards of research. Theory is confronted with facts, and relevant facts are selected using insights from different theoretical background

Affiliate Members

The Centre welcomes applications for visiting fellows with an interest in issues related to the evolution of global business and institutions.

See the research of CEGBI Affiliate Robert Fredona, undertaken while he was a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow in the York Management School (now part of the School for Business and Society).

For more information please contact Professor Teresa da Silva Lopes.

CEGBI PhD Supervision

CEGBI has a number of PHD students working on topics related to the evolution of global business and institutions. They are enrolled as PhD students in the School for Business and Society, and are involved and contribute to the activities and research agenda of CEGBI.

Current CEGBI students

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