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Rosalie Warnock

BA (Cambridge) MRes (QMUL)

  • Research Associate

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Areas of expertise

  • Encountering and navigating austere welfare bureaucracies
  • SEND policy
  • Everyday family life
  • Care 
  • Emotional geographies

Academic biography

I am a research associate on the ‘Covid Realities’ and ‘Benefits Changes and Larger Families’ projects, both funded by the Nuffield Foundation. I am also completing my PhD in the School of Geography at Queen Mary University of London. I hold an MRes in Geography from Queen Mary University of London and a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Geography from Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge.


Current research interests and projects

By training I am a social, cultural and feminist geographer and qualitative researcher interested in social inequality, austerity welfare, care, disability, everyday family life, and emotions. 

My ESRC-funded PhD research examines how parents of autistic children encounter and navigate SEND and social security support, and SEND professionals engage with parents, at a time of austerity. Drawing on an institutional ethnography with a London borough special educational needs and disability (SEND) team and in-depth narrative interviews with parents in the same borough, my research examines the relative impacts of austerity cuts between families across the socio-economic spectrum who live in the same place, to see whether (and why) autistic children might be unequally able to limited local SEND services. 

As a research associate on two Nuffield Foundation-funded projects. The first is ‘Covid Realities’, which examines the impact of the pandemic on families on a low income across the UK. My role on this project is to assist with impact and dissemination activities and with the synthesis of key findings across the Covid Realities ‘Special Interest Group’; a collection of 14 academic and policy partners who are all conducting research on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on low-income families across the UK. The second is ‘Benefit Changes and Larger Families’, which examines the impact of the household benefit cap and two child limit on families with 3+ children in York, Leeds, Bradford and London. My role on this project is to assist with qualitative data collection (interviews) and analysis.

Research team members

Substantial research project public output

Covid Realities

Benefit Changes and Larger Families


Recent publication(s)

Warnock, R. (2021) COVID-19, Lockdown(s), and Housing Inequalities among Families with Autistic Children in London, in Doucet, B., Filion, P., and Van Melik, R. (eds) Global Reflections on Covid-19 and Urban Inequalities: Volume 2: Housing and Home, Bristol: Bristol University Press.

Professional activities


Social Policy Association - Member

Royal Geographical Society - Member


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Rosalie Warnock
Research Associate
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