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Yiqian Wang

MRes Sociology (University of Aberdeen), MA International Development (University of Sheffield), BA Broadcast Journalism (Shantou University, China) 

PhD student 


Thesis supervisor

Professor Nicholas Pleace

Thesis topic

The comparison of social housing at the international level (UK, China and Singapore) and the national level (Chongqing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou).

Thesis summary

Cross-national comparison has been widely used in housing studies in recent years, especially when the economic, political and cultural globalisation is leading toward convergence in social policies, practice and eroding local distinctiveness. China, UK and Singapore are chosen for comparative subjects in the social housing sector since three countries are likely to be representatives of three different stages of social housing according to Donnision’s work. As for comparing some countries, it can be seen what different kinds of governments they each have and how the culture may differ. At the national level, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Chongqing are chosen as the comparative subjects. Two levels of comparison research in the social housing sector are addressed to explore their similarities and differences, as well as some lessons that can be learned in terms of welfare regimes, structure of public policy and affordability issues. 


General research interests

  • Comparative social housing policy
  • Social policy analysis
  • Housing inequality and poverty


I have completed a Masters (Research) degree at the University of Aberdeen and my project has focused on social housing and community attachment in China. When I was studying at the University of Sheffield, I began to be strongly interested in the social housing issue and did much academic and practical work for further research. The variety of academic background has given me great insight into a wide range of fields in terms of social housing and housing inequality. I am currently in the first year of my PhD. 





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Yiqian Wang
PhD student
School for Business and Society