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Xiaojie Guo

MA Social and Public Policy (University of Leeds), BA Labor and Social Security (NCWU, China)

  • PhD student


Thesis supervisor

Thesis topic

The universal two-child policy and gender inequality in mainland China.

Thesis summary

My study will analyse the collision between traditional gender discourses of Confucianism and patriarchy with modern ideas of gender equality in the context of the universal two-child policy in contemporary Chinese society. And whether the change from the universal two-child policy has contributed to driving a positive change among women (as well as in the wider society) or hindering the efforts on gender equality in mainland China. So, this study will analyse and summaries how women's rights come into being and its influence since the universal two-child policy, it will explore and forecast the developing trend of future gender inequality topics.  

General research interests

  • Family policy
  • Women's and gender studies


I completed my bachelor degree in Labour and Social Security with a minor in Law. Upon graduating in 2013, I was hired as a Human Resources Specialist in a state-owned enterprise. This experience reinforced my interest in research and social policy, leading me to apply to the MA in Social and Public Policy at the University of Leeds in 2017. Before I came to the University of York, I kick-started my one-year working holiday in New Zealand after I finished my master's degree. These invaluable experiences have equipped me to see and feel social policies in other countries in a different way.

Xiaojie Guo

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Xiaojie Guo

PhD student
School for Business and Society