Sinan Inan

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Research topic-  Cryptocurrency markets and their possible future effects on central banks' monetary policies

Research interests:Cryptocurrencies - FinTech - Monetary Policies - Macroeconomics - Stock Markets - DeFi - Digital Moneys - Central Banks

Supervisors:Dr Viktor Manahov and Dr Daniele Bregantini


Sinan is a doctoral researcher at the School for Business and Society since 2020. He is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant on the following module: Skills for Management and Professional Development (PG/Masters). His fully funded research investigates the cryptocurrency markets and their possible effects on central banks’ monetary policies. The research is supervised by Dr Viktor Manahov and Mr. Daniele Bregantini.

Sinan holds a Masters Degree in Economy Policies from Northeastern University (2018), Boston, USA and he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey (2013). Between his bachelor’s and masters degree he had internships and working experiences both in Turkey and in the USA. During his undergraduate studies, Sinan worked at Academy Stock Exchange Centre where he ended up as chairman of the board. Before starting his postgraduate studies, Sinan has been awarded one of the most prestigious scholarships from his country and this scholarship covers every expenses in his masters and doctoral studies.

Sinan is an ambitious and open-minded person who wants to contribute to his field as much as he can. He enjoys travelling, photography, team sports like football and basketball, and learning about new cultures.

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