Shuangjing Li

Photo of Della Li


Research Topic: An exploration of the impact of guanxi on the employment relationship in Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and multinational corporations (MNCs)

Research Interests: Employment relations in Chinese state-owned enterprises and multinational corporations; guanxi; trade unions; employee voice; employee resistance

Supervisors: Dr Zhe Jiang, Professor Tony Royle


Della is a doctoral researcher at the School for Business and Society, University of York. She attained her MSc with Distinction in Human Resource Management at the University of Lancaster in 2020. During her master’s studies, she was awarded both Best Overall Performance and Best Dissertation by the University of Lancaster and the External Exam Board as the top student in the programme.

Furthermore, Della has invaluable first-hand experience of working in a construction sector of a Chinese state-owned enterprise. Observing guanxi-related phenomena in the workplace for over three years, she generated a lot of interest around topics of the employment relationship and guanxi, and her work experience provides acute personal insights into these topics.

For her PhD, Della looks into the employment relationship regarding employee voice and employee resistance under the impact of guanxi in Chinese state-owned enterprises and multinational corporations, embracing a discussion of trade unions.

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