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Liz Wands-Murray

BSc (Hons) Psychology (PRINCE2 Foundation)

  • PhD student


Thesis supervisors

Thesis topic

How inclusive are community-based services: older LGBTQ people choosing and using services.

Thesis summary

This research will examine how older LGBTQ people identify what makes community based services inclusive and how these factors influence decision making around provision of service. It will consider how staff, senior managers and commissioners understand these factors. The results of the research will provide further understanding of the potential issues of inequality for this group of service users and give information on how service providers might implement identified themes, resulting in more inclusive community based services.

I am currently undertaking the Literature Review, finalising my research question and considering the methods and methodology I will apply to the research.      

General research interests

  • Person-centred approaches
  • LGBTQ communities
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Policy, governance and regulation


I completed an undergraduate degree in my late twenties in Psychology.

The following 16 years of my career have been focused on social care and health, working with vulnerable groups. I have worked within both clinical settings, commissioning and service provision. I worked as a Project Manager within health and social care across both Local Authorities and the NHS, managing projects related to the implementation of individual budgets and self-directed support in learning disability and mental health service user groups.

I spent six years working for the health and social care regulator, inspecting health (GPs, dentists, clinical services), social care (residential, homecare, nursing care and specialist provision) and secure settings (prisons, immigration, youth detention, police custody and Section 136 suites). This has given me great insight into the range of services available within the social care field, the challenges there are for both service providers and service users in delivering a service that meets people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs and the ways in which changes, training and approaches can have an impact on this experience.

More recently I have worked in Higher Education, managing the transition of the nursing and midwifery in the Health Sciences department at the University of York to meet new regulatory standards and adopt new educational approaches.

Liz Wands-Murray

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Liz Wands-Murray

PhD student
School for Business and Society