Mingnan Li

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Research topic: Cryptocurrencies - Asset pricing - DeFi

Research interests: Due to the difference between cryptocurrency and traditional assets, some factors specific to cryptocurrency accepted by practitioners have not been considered in previous studies, but these factors should also be attention when we want to analyse its value. My research aims to identify factors which affect its intrinsic value. I will make use of the longer time series which is now available to identify the corresponding factors. What is more, I will also focus on how to management and construction of cryptocurrency portfolios using the factor models.

Supervisors: Dr Viktor Manahov, Dr Daniele Bregantini



MSc Finance and Investment, University of Leeds, 2019- 2020

BA Business Management and Finance, De Montfort University, 2017- 2019

BA International Finance, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai China, 2015-2017


School for Business and Society
University of York
YO10 5DD
United Kingdom