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Kelli Kennedy

BA Double Major Political Science and Women's Studies, California State University, Fresno
MA Comparative and International Social Policy, University of York


Thesis supervisor

Thesis title

Food Security Infrastructure: A Comparative Policy Analysis of the UK and US

Thesis summary

This research seeks to examine the contextual aspects which inhibit or enable a person’s food security status. The thesis will utilise comparative case studies of two cities – one in the US and one in the UK – and utilise a mixed methods approach to the research. The results will look to provide an understanding of how food insecurity is experienced in each location and offer insight into what aspects of society and policy most impact a household’s ability or efforts to be food secure.


Research interests

  • Food (In)Security
  • Comparative Politics
  • Policy Process

Research project

Relationships between supermarkets and food charities in reducing food insecurity



Kennedy, K. & Snell, C.J. December 2021, How can Supermarkets help end food insecurity? Final report. UKRI, ESRC. How can Supermarkets help end food insecurity? Final report (PDF , 1,191kb) 

Other contribution

Kennedy, K. & Snell, C.J. 2021, Relationships Between Supermarkets and Food Charities in Reducing Food Insecurity. Infographic. Co-op, UKRI, ESRC. Food Insecurity Infographic (PDF , 12,302kb)





Kelli Kennedy

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Kelli Kennedy
PhD student,
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