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Hanyu Tsai

  •  PhD student 


Thesis supervisors

Professor Yvonne Birks

Dr Mark Wilberforce

Thesis topic

The dignity of older people in long-term care service: perspectives from Taiwan

Thesis summary

The concept of dignity is used frequently in documents related to long-term care in modern society, especially as a goal of long-term care policy. However, the concept is still ambiguous about its meaning, and the issues about violating older people‚Äôs dignity in long-term care services keep happening in societies. 

Moreover, most of the research about dignity is focused on residential care, although most older people live and receive long-term care service in communities. Therefore, this study attempts to explore the interpretation of the dignity of Taiwanese older people and their experiences about improving dignity through long-term care services.


General research interests

  • Elderly care
  • Caregiver support
  • Long-term care policy

Contact details

Hanyu Tsai
PhD student
School for Business and Society