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Anette Bonifant Cisneros

  • BA (Honours) in Business Economics (Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, Mexico)
  • MPA (Distinction) in Comparative Applied Social and Public Policy, Evaluation and Research (University of York)
  • PhD Student


Thesis supervisors:

Thesis title:

The Policy Process in Mexico: Development of Obesity Policy and Sugar Tax

Thesis summary

My research project aims to study through semi-structured interviews and documentary analysis the role of experts in the development of obesity prevention policies using theories of the policy process. Based on two case-studies (Sugar Tax and FOP labelling) in a single jurisdiction (Mexico) my research explores the formation and influence of networks of expertise in policy making. It also explores the temporality of these networks using Social Network Analysis.

This research will contribute to the public health literature as it explains the role of health experts in the prevention of obesity and will contribute to the advancement of the epistemic communities literature as it looks to explore the stability of knowledge-based networks.

General research interests

  • Policy Process
  • Policy Transfer
  • Epistemic Communities
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Food Policies (Fiscal and Regulatory) and the Nutrition Transition


Brief biography:

Before joining the University of York in 2016, I worked at the Mexican federal ministry of finance for four years. Thanks to the activities I carried out as a Public Finance Analyst I realized that the impact of policies does not necessarily depend on the availability of resources allocated to these but to the design, feasibility, and interest of the actors involved in planning and delivery. In need of gaining further knowledge regarding theories of the policy process, social policy priorities and challenges I joined the MPA in Comparative Applied, Social and Public Policy, Evaluation and Research (CASPPER) in the School for Business and Society, where I could focus in studying policy transfer of fiscal and regulatory policies for the prevention of non-communicable diseases caused by food, tobacco and alcohol consumption. Passionate about the policy process, policy transfer and economic policies to prevent non-communicable diseases, I decided to solidify my academic and research experience joining the Ph.D. in Social Policy, studying the development of obesity prevention policies in Mexico, specifically the Sugar Tax and Front-of-Pack (FOP) labellings.

Other roles:

Member of the Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team at the School for Business and Society.


Book Chapters

1. Bonifant Cisneros, A. & Galván Avalos, R. (2018). Comparative Fiscal Policies. In Farazmand, A. (Ed.) Global Encyclopedia for Public Administration, Public Policy and Governance. Springer International Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-319-20927-2.

2. Gómez Hernández, D.; Banda Ortíz, H. & Bonifant Cisneros, A. (2010). Rendimientos en el Sistema de Ahorro para el Retiro Mexicano. In Sánchez, J. et al. Competitividad como Estrategia en Época de Crisis, pages 51-66. Jalisco, Mexico. Universidad de Guadalajara. ISBN: 978-970-764-953-8.

Research Reports

1.Bonifant Cisneros, A. & Gómez Hernández, D. (2010). Sistema de Pensiones Mexicano:  Rendimientos y Metodología de Cálculo de Tasa de Reemplazo. Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro. Mexico.

2. Bonifant Cisneros, A. & Accinelli Gamba, E. (2009). Análisis del Bienestar en Economía. Universidad Autoonoma de Quereetaro. Mexico.


1. Bonifant Cisneros, A. Impacto del TLCAN en el Desempeño de las Finanzas Públicas Subnacionales, el caso de Querétaro. Tribuna, 693. January 2014.

2. Bonifant Cisneros, A. La Filosofía de la Economía del Bien Común. Suma. 18:8-9. Durango, Mexico, 2012.


  1. “An Empirical Analysis of the Development and Impact of the Mexican Obesity Epistemic Community”. Presented in the XVII Symposium of Mexican Students and Studies in the UK. Held at the University of Cambridge, England, on June 27th, 2019.





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Anette Bonifant Cisneros

PhD student,
School for Business and Society

Twitter @anettebonc