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Dr David Taylor
Lecturer in Management




20+ years’ experience in Higher Education Quality Management and Enhancement (QME); in July 2010 set up a small education consultancy business, mainly working with University Business Schools in Yorkshire; have provided personal tutoring and dissertation supervision for the School for Business and Society since 2010.

Current interest providing and developing pedagogy to support Business and Management School Masters students [the overwhelming majority from outside the UK] in meeting the challenges of transition to Masters level study in the UK and thus achieving their potential.

Director of Teaching Quality, Leeds University Business School 2002-2010; developed and implemented Learning and Teaching and assessment strategies; led student support projects, including “Transition to Masters Study”, “Creating a Learning Community” (undergraduate internships), “How Students Work”, “Plagiarism” (including published research in this area) and “Employability Skills”. A leading role in preparations for and during successful School EQUIS and AMBA accreditations and reaccreditations 2003-2010 and AACSB accreditation 2010-2012.

Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Specialist Subject Reviewer in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Science (1994-6); led Review Panels in England and Scotland with the QAA (2001-4). 


Research Fellow at Leeds University (School of Textile Industries) - investigated possible uses of cellulosic fibres, their conversion to activated carbons and related areas; previously biosorption of metal ions using linseed flax fibres and waste textile materials.

Research Assistant at Leeds University (Department of Fuel and Energy) - investigated the pyrolysis of waste materials (led to the award of a PhD in 1992).

Full-time study for an MSc in Environmental Pollution Control at the University of Leeds

Senior Project Manager at a contract research laboratory

Chemical Analyst leading a team carrying out chemical analysis, reporting to government bodies eg MAFF [now DEFRA] and developing new methods.

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People, Operations and Marketing



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Full publications list

I have co-authored papers in refereed journals and presented at conferences from 1978 – 2014 on a diverse range of topics including chemical analysis, waste pyrolysis, fibre characterisation, new academics, how students work and plagiarism. For example:

Hammence J. H., and Taylor D. T.,"The composition of rape seed meals - the determination of the isothiocyanate present in Eruca Sativa, a cruciferous seed" Journal of the Association of Public Analysts,16, p49-56, 1978

Williams, P.T. and Taylor, D.T., "The fuel properties of hydrocarbon liquids derived from the pyrolysis of waste" in Pyrolysis and Gasification, eds. Ferrero, Maniatis, Buekens and Bridgwater, pub. Elsevier Applied Science, London p 486, 1989

Williams, P.T., Taylor, D.T. "Aromatisation of tyre pyrolysis oil to yield polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons" Fuel 72, p1469, 1993

Taylor, DT and Edyvean RGJ "Investigations into the use of Linseed flax straw for the removal of metals from wastewater" Second UK Congress of Biotechnology, Brighton July 1994

Taylor, DT et al “Ultrastructure studies on flax and hemp fibres” NORDFLAX I Tampere, Finland, August 1998

Andy Adcroft & David Taylor “Support for new career academics: an integrated model for research intensive university business and management schools” Studies in Higher Education Volume 38, 2013 - Issue 6 [also presented at Oxford University 2009]

Anna Sutton and David Taylor “Confusion about collusion: working together and academic integrity” Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 2010, 1-11

Anna Sutton, David Taylor & Carol Johnston “A model for exploring student understandings of plagiarism” Journal of Further and Higher Education Volume 38, 2014 - Issue 1



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