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Dr Ben Lowe
Lecturer in Sustainable Management



Ben was appointed to the School for Business and Society as a Lecturer in Sustainable Management in January 2022.

Prior to this, Ben worked as Impact and Knowledge Exchange lead on the Horizon 2020-funded Project ReTraCE (Realising the Transition to the Circular Economy). This project was located at the University of Sheffield Management School, which is also where Ben obtained his PhD (ESRC-funded) and MBA. This move into academia followed several years working professionally in corporate and project finance, including senior roles.

Ben also holds a Masters degree in International Studies and a Bachelors degree in Economics and Politics.

Subject Group

People, Operations and Marketing



Ben’s research interests focus on multi-dimensional environmental problems that are linked to businesses, production systems and supply chains, and finding ways to inform and influence policy and practice regarding natural resources management and business strategies. In particular, Ben is interested in externalities of production and public goods, and how these can be quantified and incorporated into decision making. This interest includes using non-market valuation, natural capital and ecosystem service-based approaches, as well as approaches stemming from ecological and heterodox economics.

Areas of interest:

  • Circular economy
  • Steady-state/de-growth
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Agri-food supply chain resilience
  • Neuroeconomics/behavioural economics


Selected publications

Peer-reviewed journal publications 

Lowe, B.H. and Genovese, A. [In press]. What theories of value (could) underpin our circular futures? Ecological Economics.

Lowe, B.H., Zimmer, Y., and Oglethorpe, D.R. [In press]. Estimating the economic value of green water as an approach to foster the virtual green water trade. Ecological Indicators

Oliveira, M., Miguel, M., van Langen, S.V., Ncube, A., Zucaro, A., Fiorentino, G., Passaro, R., Santagata, R., Lowe, B.H., Ulgiati, S. and Genovese. (2021). Circular Economy and the transition to a sustainable society: Integrated assessment methods for a new paradigm. Circular Economy and Sustainability, Vol. 1.

Bimpizas-Pinis, M., Bozhinovska, E., Genovese, A., Lowe, B.H., Pansera, M., Pinyol Alberich, J. and Ramezankhani, M.J. (2021). Is efficiency enough for circular economy? Resources Conservation and Recycling, Vol. 167.

Lowe, B.H., Oglethorpe, D.R. and Choudhary, S. (2020) Comparing the economic value of virtual water with volumetric and stress weighted approaches: A case for the tea supply chain. Ecological Economics, Vol. 172.

Lowe, B.H., Oglethorpe, D.R. and Choudhary, S. (2020) Shifting from volume to economic value in virtual water allocation problems: A proposed new framework and methodology. Journal of Environmental. Management, Vol. 275.

Lowe, B.H., Oglethorpe, D.R. and Choudhary, S. (2020) Dataset on the instream and off-stream economic value of water. Data in Brief, Vol. 30.

Lowe, B.H., Oglethorpe, D.R. and Choudhary, S. (2018) Marrying unmarried literatures: The water footprint and environmental (economic) valuation. Water, Vol.10 (12).



Ben has experience in teaching across a diverse and broad range of business-related topics at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Specific topics include:

  • Sustainable logistics and supply chain management
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility
  • Decision and Information Analysis
  • Managerial economics
  • Operations management

 Ben Lowe

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