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Dr Alexandra Ciocanel

  • PhD Candidate (Manchester) 
  • PhD (Bucharest) 
  • MA (Bucharest) 
  • BA (Bucharest)


Areas of expertise

  • homeownership 
  • assetisation of housing  
  • future orientations

Alexandra Ciocanel is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology (Manchester), and a research associate in the project Code encounters algorithmic risk-profiling in housing (York). Her doctoral research examines the social underpinnings and consequences of the assetisation of housing, focusing on how future orientations shape present-day housing decisions. Looking at the role of projections related to a normative organisation of the life course and of expectations of return from investment in housing, the thesis proposes the concept of liquid homeownership to capture two important aspects of financialised homeownership: the constant need for cash liquidity to meet mortgage repayment and the expectancy of fast capital gains either through renting or selling.

Her academic trajectory includes a PhD in Sociology (University of Bucharest, 2019), a MA in Anthropology and Development (University of Bucharest, 2015), a BA in Sociology and Anthropology (University of Bucharest, 2013) and a BA in Architecture (University Spiru Haret, 2011).  



Ciocănel, A., Rughiniş, C., Flaherty, M. 2020. Argumentative time work for legitimising homeopathy: Temporal reasons for the acceptance of an alternative medical practice. Time & Society, 30(1): 100–125


Alexandra Ciocanel is a research associate in the project ‘Code Encounters: Algorithmic risk profiling tools as rental market intermediaries in the UK’ project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. The project will examine the social impact of algorithmic risk-profiling tools used by lenders and landlords reflecting Alexandra’s research interest in the role of digital technologies in shaping access to housing and its assetisation

Research team members

Dr Alison Wallace (University of York)
Professor Roger Burrows (Newcastle University)
Professor Dave Beer (University of York)
Dr James Cussens (Bristol University)





 Alexandra Ciocanel 

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Dr Alexandra Ciocanel
Research Associate
School for Business and Society

Tel: 01904 32 1279