Customer Service Excellence results now available

Posted on 13 April 2017

In March, we were assessed against the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Standard and have successfully maintained the award.

In March, we were assessed against the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Standard and have successfully maintained the award.

Maintaining this level of achievement for a number of years shows a high level of commitment to customer-focused service delivery, high levels of customer insight and the use of innovative techniques in both the Library and IT Services.

Heidi Fraser Krauss, Director of Information Services commented that “Being good once is easy, maintaining our level of excellence takes real dedication and hard work and I’m very proud of our achievement.”

Overall, we continue to show full compliance with the CSE Standard. This is reflected in the fact that we now have 13 areas in which we have achieved Compliance Plus, up from the seven we gained in the last assessment cycle. The thirteen areas that we excelled in are:

Customer Insight

  • Having an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of our current and potential customer groups;
  • Developing insight about our customer groups to better understand their needs and preferences;
  • Making efforts to identify hard-to-reach and disadvantaged groups and individuals, developing services in response to their specific needs;
  • Engaging and involving customers using a range of methods appropriate to the needs of identified customer groups;
  • Making the consultation of customers integral to continually improving our service and advising customers of the results of action taken;
  • Making positive changes to services as a result of analysing customer experience, including improved customer journeys;

Culture of the Organisation

  • Making a corporate commitment to putting the customer at the heart of service delivery;
  • Empowering and encouraging employees to actively promote ad participate in our organisation's customer-focused culture;
  • Demonstrating our commitment to delivering customer-focused services through our recruitment, development and training policies for staff;
  • Having polite and friendly staff who have an understanding of customers’ needs;


  • Interacting within wider communities and demonstrating ways in which we support them;

Developing and learning from best practice identified with and outside our organisation;

  • Regularly reviewing and improving our complaints procedure, showing that we take account of the views of our staff, complainants and customers.

We are very proud of this achievement and that we have successfully maintained this externally accredited badge of excellence.

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