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William Moreton will

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William Moreton will


In dei nomine amen decimo die mensis Decembris anno domini millesimo quadringentisimo sexagesimo sexto Ego magister Willelmus Moreton professor sacre theologie compos mentis ac sane memorie condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis do et lego animam meam deo omnipotenti, beate Marie et omnibus sanctis eius corpusque meum sepeliendum in navi ecclesie cathedralis sancto Petri Ebor ex parte boriali tumbe sancti Willelmi Pontificis et confessoris si deus me providerit ibidem mature debitum definire seu autem in choro ubicumque me contigerit obire. Item do et lego nomine principalis mei prout petant oura ecclesiastica. Item do et lego contra hereticos et saresenos ad defensionem et munuminem fidei Cristiane ecclesiastice videlicet contra Turcos decem marcas. Item do et lego famulo meo Thome Hambe ultra vagiam suam quadraginta solidos. Item do et lego famulo meo Willelmo Brokebanke viginti solidos. Item do et lego Johanni Whitwell famulo me consimili modo quadraginta solidos.


In the name of God Amen on the 10 December in the Year of the Lord 1466, I Master William Moreton, professor of sacred theology, sound of mind and of good memory, make my will in this way. Firstly I give and bequeath my soul to God Almighty, Blessed Mary and all his saints and my body to be buried in the nave of the cathedral church of St Peter at York on the north side of the tomb of St William, bishop and confessor, if God shall allow me to end my life there, or in the choir wherever I happen to die. Also I give and bequeath in the name of my principal as ecclesiastical law commands. Also I give and bequeath ten marks against the heretics and Saracens for the defence and protection of the Christian faith, that is, against the Turks. Also I give and bequeath to my servant Thomas Hambe, in addition to his salary, 40 shillings. Also I give and bequeath to my servant William Brokebanke 20 shillings. Also I give and bequeath to John Whitwell, my servant, 40 shillings in the same way.